Getting Started

NXTsoft’s OmniConnect Platform was designed to allow Financial Institutions of any size to easily adopt and use Fintech Vendor Platforms through use of our documented “NXTsoft Open API’s.” Our documented API’s come from over 25 years of experience integrating disparate systems to the 38 core banking platforms we support and integrate with today. As you evaluate the documentation, please read the following information to expedite the use and adoption of our services, getting you connected to our API Platform.

The OmniConnect Platform provides secure open APIs for the digital infrastructure needed to build and scale any fintech application in banking, savings, wealth, financial wellness, and insurance. The platform includes the base functionality to authenticate, onboard clients and accounts, and store and process data which all other APIs in the OmniConnect Platform can utilize.

All OmniConnect APIs are built on REST principles, with resource oriented URLS and HTTP response codes. All API responses are returned in JSON format.


Whether your product integration is designed to be a “machine to machine” that does not require any client inputs, or an integration that applies a user interface for data validation, the OmniConnect Platform requires system authentication. We utilize “OAuth 2.0” with a client grant permission type. Paired with the use of a JWT Token, we can ensure secure connectivity between vendor software systems, our middleware solution, and the client’s established connectivity. A diagram showing how our connectivity and authentication process can be reviewed below.



Our team will establish dedicated endpoints for your organization to be able to access for both testing and development, through UAT and Production environments. To establish your initial endpoint after your contract process, please contact Partner Account Manager. We can provide your connectivity within 48-72 hours after your request.

We appreciate your interest and getting started with NXTsoft. We understand that you may have some additional questions for us, whether they are sales, marketing, or development in nature. For all questions please Contact Us, by completing the form below, and we will make sure to get back with you as soon as possible.