The OmniPlatform provides secure open APIs for the digital infrastructure needed to build and scale any fintech application in banking, savings, wealth, financial wellness, and insurance.

The platform includes the base functionality to authenticate, onboard clients and accounts, and store and process data which all other APIs in the OmniPlatform can utilize. All OmniConnect APIs are built on REST principles, with resource oriented urls and HTTP response codes. All API responses are returned in JSON format.


Getting Started

Learn more about NXTsoft's API Platform and how we can help connect you with thousands of financial institutions.

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View our method of authentication which you will need to access our API platform. We use the best practice OAuth protocol.

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Account Search

Search for an account at an institution. Pull information related to the account or use the account for additional methods.

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Deposit Account Opening

Deposit Account Opening allows for funding of accounts and viewing information of newly created accounts.

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Loan Boarding

Complete a loan boarding for a customer. Provide the necessary information to create & board a loan at an institution.

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Complete monetary transactions on a core. Publish the transaction and receive account information in the response.

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